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3rd Party Lab Services for Cannabinoids

Cultivate Offers Analytical Services for Your Hemp-Based Botanical Research

Our 3rd party analytical lab service offerings were born of our own unique research needs. Cultivate Biologics’ discovery of medical benefits in our cultivars resulted in a need for lab services able to measure the constantly expanding world of cannabinoid and cannabinoid metabolites. As a result, Cultivate invested heavily in our internal analytical lab and the scientific expertise to run it.

Realizing the advancement of cannabinoid research for medical discoveries is dependent on the ability to facilitate on-going, breakthrough research across the scientific community, we now offer our lab services to researchers outside of our organization.

Our analytical chemists are experts in liquid chromatography, with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) techniques. We have developed assays to determine bioavailability of various cannabinoids, and their metabolites, in a variety of different matrices and routes of administrations.

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Current Offerings

This is a list of current analytes we are measuring in serum, in fit to curve or validated assays in humans and dogs. We can also validate methods in other biological fluids (i.e. serum, plasma, urine) in any species of interest depending on the sample submission.


Analytics have played a vital role in Cultivate Biologics’ success since beginning as a research facility and creator of unique cannabinoid blends

Supplying a reliable blend of acidic and non-acidic cannabinoids called for thorough analytical expertise to ensure our USDA-certified hemp crops provided a consistent supply to meet our customers’ needs.

Five years of research on dogs, cats, horses, rats and humans led to the realization that serum and plasma analytics were not extensive enough for most known cannabinoids and their metabolites. This is especially true when dealing with different species where metabolites and interfering substances in the matrix may differ tremendously. Our findings in this area began Cultivate’s role in breaking new scientific ground pertaining to the health benefits, safety, and bioavailability of cannabinoids and cannabinoid metabolites.

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