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Bioavailability of Cannabinoid Extracts

Human Studies – Washington State University

The purpose of the study was to characterize the clinical pharmacokinetics of CBDA and other cannabinoids administered as a novel CBD/CBDA-rich hemp product. This study is the first to characterize the human pharmacokinetics in a novel CBD/CBDA-rich hemp product, Cultivate’s BioD. Systemic exposure to CBDA was much higher than that to CBD despite comparable doses. Cannabinoid acids as part of a full spectrum extract have superior bioavailability.

Cannabinoid Acids as Part of a Full Spectrum Extract Have Superior Availability


CBDA = 45x Absorbtion
CBDA is absorbed 45x more than CBD when Cultivate Biologics BioD is dosed at 1mg/kg in a human model.


CBGA = 30x Absorbtion
CBGA levels were 30x higher concentration than CBG when Cultivate’s BioD blend was administered in a human model.


THCA = 40x Absorbtion
THCA levels were 40x higher than THC when Cultivate’s BioD blend was administered in a human model.
CBDA 45x

CBDA is Absorbed 45x Greater Than CBD

Given equal doses of CBD and CBDA, the acidic form absorbs 45 times greater than the CBD. CBDA also reaches its highest CMax level thirty minutes prior to CBD, showing similar onset of action to nano/lipohilic formulations.
species & format

Cultivate Leads in Cannabinoid Research Across Species

Absorption & Metabolism Vary Dramatically Across Species

Cultivate Biologics BioD full spectrum extract has been used in studies across a number of species and delivery formats. While CBDA consistently proves to be more bioavailable than CBD isolates, the results vary widely. Cultivate’s experience in clinical research specific to full spectrum cannabinoid extracts is leading the way in terms of developing cannabinoid-based human and animal therapies.

Species Matter

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