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Discovering the Drug Development Pathway for Botanicals

Unlocking the Therapeutic Potential of Hemp

Cultivate Biologics is a key player within Cannabinoid research, and we are dedicated to discovering the untapped potential of the hemp plant for the benefit of human health through clinical research, academic collaborations, and plant breeding.

Beginning with hemp, Cultivate Biologics developed a novel process for making Botanicals viable for FDA-approved drug applications. Our superior plant breeding process and strategic clinical research partnerships make it possible to discover the untapped potential of botanicals for human and animal health.

Consistent Supply Chain

Our wholly owned botanical supply chain creates a closed-loop development process infusing consistency and reliability into a once highly variable botanical extract supply chain. 

Botanical Science
Research Collaborations

With mutual objectives to discover the medicinal benefits of botanicals, we fund studies and provide materials that accelerate botanical-based drug development using a consistent, efficacious supply of botanical extracts. 

Where it Began

Unlocking the Therapeutic Potential of Hemp
Cultivate created a specialized formulation for ElleVet Sciences, which is the only CBD + CBDA product proven to work in multiple clinical trials. This botanical extract changed the trajectory of veterinary science for the treatment of several conditions in dogs and we are currently conducting clinical studies to pursue similar breakthroughs in human health.
Studies Stats
Existing Research Partnerships
Research Partnerships: Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cornell University, Washington State University, University of Colorado, The Hebrew University, Oregon State University, The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami