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Our Dedication to Plant Science Allows Us to Lead the Industry in Quality and Innovation.

Our Focus on Science

By focusing on plant science, perfecting our hemp genetics, and optimizing our cultivation we are able oversee every step of the process in producing our hemp extracts. This allows us to create consistent, standardized, and reliable cannabinoid extracts at lower costs.

Cultivate Biologics + Oregon State University Shaping the Next Generation of Hemp

Cultivate Biologics has partnered with Oregon State University (OSU)’s Global Hemp Innovation Center on a series of genomic and cultivation research projects that will span the next several years.

We’ll implement four key tactics to help us deliver higher quality product with greater efficiency:

• Genomic Sequencing
• Molecular Marker Identification
• Marker Assisted Selection
• Gene Expression Studies

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Tissue Culture Is Where Our Genomic Research Comes to Fruition, and Why We’re Able to Deliver Uniform, Optimized Product in Less Time.

Tissue Culture

How Does It Work?

Plant media is gathered from a mother plant, and these cells and or tissues are then grown and multiplied into thousands of perfectly identical plants. The new plantlets are grown under strictly controlled conditions that provide the optimum environment for healthy development and multiplication.

Tissue culture allows us to preserve our proprietary plant genetics and carry a healthy mother plant’s desirable genetics throughout the crop.

At the End of the Day, This Process Yields 3 Crucial Elements That Sets Cultivate Apart


Through our uniform growing process we can eliminate variations and grow uniform plants that require the exact same harvesting care resulting in much greater farming efficiency.


We can take advantage of the exact genetics we’ve selected for optimized cannabinoid and terpene profiles in combination with the plants breed for high yields, fast grow cycles and disease resistance.


We are able to preserve the genetic profiles over time without risk of genetic drift and free from contamination.

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